How a designer approaches text to tell a story

No one would question that Apple is a revolutionary company. We all think of Steve Jobs and his notorious personality and envelope-pushing entrepreneurialism. We know of the technological advancements that this company generated, and how it changed our society forever. But let’s not forget one of the many lesser-known contributions the company made.

In 1984, with the first release of Macintosh, users could choose between fonts. While extremely limited until 1991, the Mac only supported bitmap fonts. With their released of TrueType in 1991, and to ensure that type advancements truly took over the world, Apple even licensed it to Microsoft, which introduced high rendering type to the personal computer.

Since then, we’ve all become designers. Selected our favorite serifs and designing layouts for our documents, flyers, recipe cards and white papers.

But, like anything highly visual, it’s obvious when it’s done well. Learn more about the anatomy of type from this clever document featuring our favorite revolutionary movie quotes.