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How Long Does it Take To Get My Campaign Live?

Once you’ve submitted your order form, our platform will automatically send an email to your dealer technical contact with instructions about how to install the needed code snippet on their site. We will also submit a request access to their Facebook page, once they’ve done both of those, their campaign will be live within 2 business days.

My Dealer Already Shared Facebook Access with Advance Local So We’re All Set Right?

Unfortunately no, Because of the way Facebook’s Platform Works, we need the dealer to grant permission directly to “Advance Data” to fulfill VIN360 campaigns.

What Websites are Compatible with VIN360?

Our technology stack was built with flexibility and compatibility in mind and as such we’re “instant on” compatible with many of the major website providers, meaning absolutely no custom configuration needs to be done on your or the dealers part. However there are some cases where additional configuration is required before getting your campaign live. The table below covers all major website providers and our level of compatibility with each. If you do not see your dealers provider listed or have additional questions, please reach out to our support team!

• 360VINspin
• Dealer eProcess
• Dealer Fire
• Dealer Inspire
• DealerOn (Instant On Not Included)
• DealerX
• Design House5
• eBiz Autos
• Ford Direct
• FusionZONE
• Jazel Auto
• Search Optics

Does My Dealer Need to do Anything Different on Their Website To Run VIN360?

In almost all cases, no. Our technology allows us to properly index and catalog all of your dealers inventory without any additional information on their part. The most common issue we run into is dealers not including the vehicles price on their VDP, and instead only showing a Monthly Payment amount or “Call For Price” field. The vehicles price is a required field by Facebook (even if you don’t use that price in outbound advertising) so your dealer needs to include the vehicles price somewhere on the VDP in order for it to be eligible to use.

How Do I Access Reporting?

Reporting is available 24/7 via Motominer, to access your reporting follow the steps below:
1. Login to

2. Navigate to the “Reporting” tab

3. Click on Facebook

4. Choose “Catalog Activity by Vehicle”

5. Select Your Reporting Parameters (Dates, Dealership)

6.If you include Dealer Spend amount, report will generate “cost per” calculations

7.If you don’t want to show Dealer Name, deselect that box

8.If you want to see Web Conversion Activity (actions past FB Ad click) select that

When Will Reporting be Available?

Once your campaign is live and has FB Ads activity, reporting will be available immediately within the Motominer platform. You can access your dealers reporting at any time and configure it for any time period.

What Type of Reporting Data Will Be Available?

Your dealers reporting will include high level insight on overall engagement and inventory movement over your selected timeframe as well as engagement and movement down to a VIN level for ultimate attribution.

How Can I See my Campaign Traffic In Analytics?

All traffic from VIN360 Social will be tagged with the following UTM parameters:
1. Source: facebook
2. Medium: social
3. Campaign: (3 Variations)
a. oengagement_new_inventory
b. engagement_used_inventory
c. reengagement_all_inventory
4. Content: (2 Variations)
a. (none)
b. make_model

How Will I Know When my Campaign is Live?

You will receive an email from the fulfilment team once your campaign is activated on Facebook. You can expect this email to come within 48 hours from the time the dealer grants Facebook page access and the code is installed on their site.

How are the Campaigns Targeted?

Campaigns are set to target shoppers in 2 ways:
Re-Engagement Ads target shoppers who have been to your dealers site and browsed their inventory without submitting a lead. These shoppers will be served ads across the Facebook & Instagram Network with the exact vehicle the person looked at, as well as vehicles like it in your dealers inventory.

Engagement Ads target shoppers who haven’t been to your dealers site, but are actively shopping for a vehicle in the same segment as the vehicles in your dealers inventory. These shoppers will be served ads across the Facebook & Instagram Network with vehicles from you dealers inventory in the same segment as what the shopper is actively looking for.

How are campaigns optimized?

Your dealers campaigns will use machine learning to analyze performance across a multitude of variables on every ad in your campaign. Ingesting performance data points like; Audience Reach, Click Through Rate, Frequency, and to maximize the amount of VDPs driven at the lowest cost.

What do Ads Look Like?

Both Re-Engagement and Engagement Ads will feature your dealers inventory in a carousel format with a unique vehicle on each “card” of the carousel. The last two carousel cards will also feature the dealers Map Location and Facebook Profile Picture.

An Example of an Re-Engagement Ad on Facebook:
unnamed-1 VIN360: Frequently Asked QuestionsAn Example of an Engagement Ad on Facebook:

unnamed VIN360: Frequently Asked Questions

Where do Ads Run?

Ads will run on both the Facebook and Instagram platforms directly as well as the Facebook Audience Network of sites across the web. Ad positions and placements include the following:
1. Facebook
a. Desktop & Mobile News Feed
b. Instant Articles
c. Marketplace (ad unit only, not listing)
d. Desktop Right Column
2. Instagram
a. News Feed
b. Stories
3. Audience Network
a. Interstitial
b. Native
c. Rectangle

Are These Ads Compliant With _____ Brand?

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