Digital Marketing for the Healthcare Industry

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Advancing Healthcare Strategies and Growing Revenue in a Crowded Marketplace

advanced Digital Marketing for the Healthcare Industry
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Positioning Yourself as the Answer to the Question

Advance 360 develops strategies that position your institution as the answer to the question at hand. We know patients are looking online for answers. They should find your content naturally, and allow it to influence their provider decisions. We target those who are most likely to need what you offer and position your content in their natural internet travels, resulting in more awareness, better engagement and ultimately, revenue growth.

Engagement is more than a Buzzword

Fostering patient engagement and turning them in to advocates for your institution takes more than a great social strategy. It takes positioning the hospital and provider as the answer to the patient’s questions and needs. You strive to improve patient outcomes, keep physicians up to date on professional information, and manage the information overload through EHR’s and other tools. But can we balance these tasks effectively?

Increase your visibility in a crowded marketplace with the right content strategies. Advance 360 can help.

Digital Healthcare Marketing Strategies that really work

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