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Dealership Intelligence: How Data Analysis Leads to More Cars Sold

It’s no secret. Data points from a dealer website and CRM system allow us to understand consumer behaviors from the time of research to the time of purchase. Have a model like this built for your own dealership can inform sales goals, set marketing budgets, grade staff performance, and more.

Understanding Conversions

Every dealer knows how many cars it must sell every month to be successful.  At any given time, that dealer understands the distance to the goal, and is likely measuring it in weeks, days, hours, and dollars.  But have you ever fully analyzed the path that the sale takes to better understand how you can influence it?

Take this model, for instance.

dealership_intel_funnel Dealership Intelligence


Number of cars sold is the easy part.  You’ll have exceptional records to allow you to fill in this grid.

Sessions and Vehicle Description Pages

How many views of your VDPs did it take to garner those sales (above)? Of those, how many were truly sessions on your site, rather than views?  Your agency will measure all the methods that consumers were influenced to visit, and should optimize to gather more of the same.

Leads Generated

From the VDPs, how many called the BDC? How many became appointments?  Fully understanding the percentages from CRM through the sale and the levels of attrition you experience in your dealership is the key to making marketing decisions to retain those buyers and better influence them.  How does this influence happen? Find more here.

Put what you’ve learned to use! Download one for your dealership and give this a shot on your own. What holes can you identify? Where can you find room for improvement? Understanding where you are is the first step to increasing success

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