Sfumato Fragrances is a husband and wife collaboration making natural fragrances in Corktown, Detroit. Kevin is the nose of the company, engaging olfactory skills honed by culinary studies to blend our compositions. Jane is the eyes, using her background in art and design to create the visual aesthetic.

There are a few things that they think are very important, and these things make their scents different from most fragrances you would buy at a mall with a famous person’s name on them. These are: using natural ingredients, offering a unique olfactory experience, and exploring the world using our noses.  

The fragrances are entirely natural, made from essential oils, absolutes, and tinctures, as Kevin and Jane believe natural components give a much more subtle, complex, and interesting product. While some synthetic fragrances are quite wonderful, but Sfumato’s preference for natural materials is mostly philosophical. Because many natural ingredients have been in use for millennia (e.g. frankincense, jasmine), and because olfaction is tied to memory in many strange ways, breathing in Sfumato scents is like a time bomb from pre-history, wafted and whiffed for untold generations, with a shock wave resonating across ten thousand years and a terminal node in your nostrils.  

Advance 360’s role as the Sfumato Agency of Record is to tell this story as authentically as possible. Their story is a unique one. See how we captured it.